The patter of little feet: the magic and joy of babes

Throughout time, parents, grandparents and those who aspired to become such have waxed eloquent about the pitter-patter of little feet in the house. Those of us who never had children (like me) have probably wondered what all the chatter is really about.

I’m a great aunt now, and spending time with my young niece has taught me the sense of the joy young children can bring to your life (along with lots of tears and drama).

My great-niece is named for my mother, Forest, and her maternal grandmother, Alberta. She is as unique as her old-fashioned name. When the family gathered a few months ago to celebrate my retirement, she was in the number. And, boy, did she make her presence felt. She moved with grace among the adults gracing us with her kisses, hugs, and smiles as she liked, pausing to take a bite from your plate if she saw something inviting.

Without question, she made the gathering more joyous just by her presence and innocence. I took it as a lesson that you can always learn something new about the things that can contribute to the joy of life–which I count a true blessing at any age.

Published by diamondgirl1950

Writer, thinker and someone who wants to contribute to the global conversation in hopes of leaving the world better than I found it. Throughout my life and career, words have intrigued me. As a reporter, I covered Dallas City Hall and the school board. As a campus-based liaison, I crafted newsletters and info pieces for parents in the Dallas Ind. School District. For two decades before retirement, I worked in school PR as a member of a dynamic communications team telling stories about Dallas ISD personalities and programs. Now, in retirement, I'm fortunate to write what pleases me, which is what this site is all about.

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